Our regulars are probably thinking we know Jax? But did you know what she brings to Esstudio Galleria making it the ultimate salon?

Jax, is Esstudio Galleria amazingly talented makeup artists and beauty therapist, with more than 20 years of experience her skills have been seen on commercial advertising, to fashion, and film, and now  our beautiful Esstudio clients can see her amazing skills! Jax says “I use makeup as a form of art, to make others feel happy and beautiful!”

Jax does it all from facials, to lashes, to makeup, and nails –  come in for a quickie facial or our most popular deluxe facial, which involves using essential oils putting you into relaxation heaven while also incorporating an eyelash and eyebrow tint. Or perhaps you are noticing some scarring or pigmentation in your skin try out the GLyc microderm facial or Anti aging retinol recommended to people over the age of 30 which refines the skin’s texture, reduces fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, and also boost collagen production making you feel 28 again!

Or perhaps  you have a big event coming up? Why not have your makeup done by Jax while one of our hair stylist style your hair. Jax can even give you a mani or a lash lift and tint, while you wait for your hair colour to set! Jax loves producing natural looks that allow your natural beauty to shine, even with her process of lash extensions that will leave you looking naturally gorgeous or perhaps you want them to be more outgoing for party season!

Next time you book in to get your hair done, organise to have a beauty treatment with Jax to save time! Check out the full beauty menu here.



The question “ will this suit me? ” does not just revolve around the colour suiting your skin, but it can also revolve around suiting your lifestyle, and even finances. When deciding on a hair colour you want a great way to decide whether or not it will suit you is by looking at your veins.  Your veins or skin are usually either blue which means that you suit cooler toned colours, or you have green veins which means you suit warmer tones. Whether or not a colour will suit you also revolves around your lifestyle, do you have time to maintain bright pink hair, allowing time for regular salon appointments if you don’t want it to grow out, and spend the money on quality products that will look after your hair and keep it from becoming damaged.  



Toner is the icing on the cake, leaving your hair looking delicious. Essentially a toner is the colour applied to your hair, the second chapter of the colouring process, it alters the undertone and removes any brassy or unwanted colours in your hair, leaving it to look fabulous.     




It is very hard to find the same quality products at the supermarket. Hair Salons hold brands and products they trust and believe in, working with these products they see positive results and know they are high quality. It is often that the brands and products which are used and sold at hair salons are only sold at salons. This is due to those brands being dedicated to helping and showing support to hair salons, it gives salons constant customers coming in for products,  and may also come in for a service while they are in, and therefore helping salons make money.



The use of purple shampoo is up to the individual, it is used for blondes to remove any yellow undertones, here at Esstudio we recommend using it once a week if you notice that you have tones that you want to avoid seeing in your hair. If you find that you don’t notice or have these brassy tones you can use purple shampoo every second week or once a month… ideally it’s up to the individual on how they feel with the colour and look of their hair. 






We know it is hard to find hair products that are not only good for your hair but are also cruelty free,vegan and yet still doesn’t strip the colour. But guess what we have found the ultimate products from Pureology that tick all these boxes!  Pureology is an Australian company who specialise in creating amazing products that are also cruelty free and vegan, which is why here at Esstudio Galleria we love to use these products on all out fabulous clients. Our faves here at the salon for summer are:




A shampoo and conditioner that will last all summer long 70 Washes actually, this shampoo and conditioner  are both highly concentrated leaving your hair moisturised while giving it volume rather than weighing you down. Also having an amazing aroma of peppermint … yum! These Hydration shampoos also come in a sheer option also for those with finer hair



2. SUPERFOOD HAIR MASK’S                               

Everyone loves a relaxing facial mask so why not put one on your hair, Pureology’s superfood hair mask, in both hydration, and strength cure are literally insane, having aromas of citrus, pineapples, and leafy greens sending you into relaxation heaven. While also nourishing and moisturising the dry hair,strengthening it in the process. When deciding which mask to choose, we recommend going for the strength cure superfood mask if you colour your hair often and need repairing as the mask provides protein helping in treating your beautiful hair .Our hot tip here at Esstudio Galleria is applying the supermask once a week, and you will notice the change in your hair almost straight away!




This multi tasking hair beautifier is well and truly fantastic not only have one advantage, not two, not even three, but 21 advantages allowing for your hair to be restored, protected ,and perfect! Our fave hair stylist James says “You should look after your hair the same way you look after your skin … ensuring its moisturised, and using SPF to avoid sun damage” The hair beautifier is great to take to the beach and throw in a few spritz ensuring your hair won’t be damaged in the sun, or you can just spray your hair after you blow dry it.


Add these Pureology hair products to your routine this summer and you will be feeling amazing!  All products are sold in salon… come and grab your summer essentials.


The decision between getting  lash extensions and a lash lift is difficult! That’s why we have come to rescue to help you in making the best decision to suit your lifestyle.


A lash lift is a service where 3 creams, and silicone shield are applied to your lashes, allowing a semi permanent curl to your lashes, with 3 options of curliness to choose from! The process takes up to 45 min, and last for up to 8 weeks, we also highly recommend getting our lash tint during the process, painting your lashes black to having your lashes allowing you to not worry about applying mascara.


  • Low maintenance
  • Natural look
  • You are still able to apply mascara


  • If you want a glamour look its not for you – try out extensions instead!
  • Won’t give you a voluminous look unless you already have a lot of lashes


The process of lash extensions takes over an hour, where lashes are added to your natural lashes to create thicker and longer lashes. The lashes can be customised to the look you are after, whether this is thickness, length, dramatic or a natural look . Here at Esstudio we love to create a natural look for our clients, that will still also stand out and create definition .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  • Throw away your mascara you wont need it no more
  • Allows for a dramatic look and will have your makeup standing out, or still looking amazing with none on
  • Time saver: eliminating the time spent on doing your makeup


  • High maintenance
  • Need to have infills every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fabulous
  • Home maintenance you will need to brush your lashes everyday and be careful of what you use on your lashes.
The eyelash on the right, is a lot fuller as you can see we have  added the extension lashes on top.


Book in with Jax here at Esstudio for fabulous lashes!!

Spring skin!


We all know how skin changes with the seasons! 

Jax is using the new Gernetic Vegetal Mask this spring to help renew your skin for prep for summer.  But this mask is a great all rounder too!  Check out what beauty heaven says.

This super soothing and hydrating treatment is perfect for combating the skin concerns and issues caused by the cooler weather, wind and also overexposure to air-conditioning and heating.  And is great for moving into summer.

“The GERNETIC Vegetal Mask facial is a very nutritive, purifying, decongestant and remineralizing skin experience all in one. It’s a universal facial treatment as it’s really suitable for all skin types and ages.”

The key ingredients used throughout the facial include:

  • A mix of wheat bran and flower
  • Kaolin
  • Lime
  • Lavender containing vitamins B1, B2, B6 E, PP and sulphur
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Phosphorus mineral salts

This mask can be used in any one of our facials but try it with our Deluxe facial for the month of November for just $85 (usually $110) Why not treat yourself! Not only is this facial great for your skin its also super relaxing too! See what Oz beauty expert says.