The Barber shop.


We are seeing more out’a control beards than one can handle! Lets just sort one thing out, put it this way… How would you like us to walk around with long untamed hairy muff’s, eewwww… Mmm I don’t think so, take a trip to your local barber and have a clip and a shave… You may even enjoy it! The Barbershop is so trending right now.  It’s ok to grow that beard.. just not out of control.  It doesn’t look or feel nice, especially when your going in for a good old pash.  The esstudio crew is doing fab old fashioned style shaves and clipper clean ups, nourishing those beards chemical free (that’s right no nasties ingredients) Handsome devil Co these products are awesome.



A bit good ol’ history.

Do you know what the red, white and blue pole represent?. Well that is associated with bloodletting and was a representation of bloody bandages wrapped around the pole.  In the Medieval times early 1900’s your local barber and physician were one and the same man.  Barbers performed surgery on customers as well as tooth extractions and cut their hair too!  This went on for 6 centuries.  Next time you come in for a hair cut maybe we will pull that tooth out too!! YIKES! Only men visited barber shops, originally all hairdressing on women was done in the home, usually by the wives and daughters of barbers.  Wow how things have changed.


Soon in the salon you will be seeing our restored barber chairs appear.  These chairs have a lot of history.  If only they could speak.  Made in the early 1900’s by Louis Hanson there aren’t too many of these around anymore.  Here is one pictured above…Look closely though… .. Are they having a shave or his he having a tooth removed???


Guys and Gals stay tuned for our video tutorials to go live soon.   Were doing everything from women’s styling to make up and nails and men’s styling too!! We may even show you how to tame your own beard!        







I don’t know if it’s the heat of the Aussie Summer or what, but lately the salon has been overrun with ladies looking to lop off their luscious locks. It’s a super easy way to beat the heat, cut styling time down by like a billion percent AND if you have Virgin Hair* that is 20cm or longer, you can donate your hair to organisations like Pantene  Beautiful Lengths to be made into a wig for women undergoing cancer treatment.

shorthair *Virgin Hair is hair that has not been coloured or chemically treated.


I usually whip my hair up into a pony tail when I’m working or having a bad hair – every girl out there knows that its the perfect way to get an extra day out of your shampoo when you just can’t be bothered. Convenient? Yes. Boring? Just a little. So we have put together a few different ways to breathe a fresh air of life into the trusty pony tail.

The Midi Pony – Let’s Add Some Volume

This take on the pony tail actually works really well with hair that’s due for a wash – your ‘three day grit’ will help form and hold the volume at the roots. It’s super easy to pull off and provides the perfect excuse to hold out on washing your hair for one more day.

How To:
Grab your trusty teasing comb and back comb around the roots of your hair to add a bit of volume. Pull your hair back into a pony tail, using a tail comb to lift and shape your ‘bump’. A quick sneaky tip for you: to hide your elastic band you can grab a small piece of hair from your pony tail and wrap it around the elastic. Pin the end of the strand in place with a bobby pin.

The Parted Pony
parted pony

The Parted Pony is really versatile and can be adapted to any pony height for any occasion. You can wear it sleek or rough it up a bit to add a bit of grunge.

How To:
For a tidy pony tail, start by separating your fringe from the rest of your hair. Use a tail comb to make sure that your part is nice and straight. Slightly tease the roots of your fringe and pull all of your hair back into a high pony using the comb to make sure that there are no flyaways! Take a piece of your hair and wrap it around the base of your pony to hide the elastic.  Finish with a spritz of hair spray to keep everything in check throughout the day.

The easiest way to achieve a messy version of the parted pony is to follow the exact same process as the tidy pony, but don’t use a comb – use your fingers instead (apart from the teasing, you should probably use a comb for that).

The Beehive Pony

How To:
Back comb around the crown of your head to add volume and body. Gather your hair into a low pony tail with your hand and then use a comb to shape the bee hive into your desired height and size. Secure the pony tail with an elastic and use a tail comb to smooth down any rogue hairs. Finish with a generous application of hairspray. This is the perfect pony tail to play around with different accessories – bows, headbands and bandanas all work really well with this style, otherwise you can finish off the look with the tried and true wrap-a-strand-of-your-hair-around-the-hair-elastic tip that we love.

The Retro Pony

This style looks like it’s stepped right out of the movie Grease. What’s not to love?

How To:
Start by separating your fringe from the rest of your hair.  Pull your mane up into a really high pony – get it up there! Make sure that it’s super tight and super smooth and then secure it with a hair elastic.  Now for the fringe: Back comb the roots a little bit to give it some lift and pull it back to your desired height.  Secure it with a couple of bobby pins and if it’s long enough you can wrap the ends around the base of the pony tail to hide the elastic.

The Long Long Hair Extension Pony

Don’t. Please? For me? Unless you are going to a 90’s/Spice Girls themed party then this is not okay. Ever.

Why not pop into Esstudio for a style and Aleks can give you a few tips and tricks to take home!


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and rock a fringe. You’re not alone, this has been a super popular request at Esstudio this Summer. But one quick dilemma – which style will you choose? There are so many different types of fringes out there that it can be hard to decide which is the right style for you. There is actually a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a fringe – is your hair thick or thin? Curly or straight? What is your face shape? Can you really be bothered styling it every morning? Because the last thing that you want to do is have a fringe cut in that looks great when you walk out of the salon, but looks a hot mess every day between visits because you have no idea how/can’t be bothered to style it properly. We’ve all been there and done that, some of us have even bought the T-shirt, but this is your ticket out.

Straight Fringe

The straight fringe is pretty standard. It’s versatile and works well across all age groups. It’s a great way to hide fine lines and wrinkles or conceal a large forehead. If you have a long face this is the way to shorten it – but steer clear if you have a round face as this will only add width that you probably neither need nor want. Be warned though – a straight fringe relies on daily maintenance to keep it looking fresh. It’s fairly simple, just a quick run over with your hair straightener or blowdryer but be ready to commit.

Side Swept Fringe

A side fringe is a great way to soften a square or angular face. They’re brilliant because they can be easily pinned back if you are having a bad hair day and just can’t be bothered to wrestle with the blowdryer first thing on a Monday morning. Like a straight fringe, they are great for breaking up a large forehead. If you have curly or wavy hair, opt for a longer version of this fringe to avoid it bouncing up and going fluffy.

Parted Fringe

A parted fringe is a great option if you’re looking to make the switch from a straight fringe to a side swept fringe. It can be easily pinned back to the sides as it grows out without looking awkward like a straight fringe as they will generally graduate into longer lengths towards the edges. A parted fringe works well with center, off center and side parts so they’re super versatile. You can leave the ends sleek and smooth for a more polished look, or have your hairdresser add a bit of texture to the ends for a more grungy look.

Short Fringe

So 1944. Don’t do it. You’ve been warned.



Did you know that the single greatest threat facing orangutans today is habitat loss? The expanding palm oil industry has been a key factor of this deforestation. It sucks because a large percentage of hair and beauty products contain palm oil, but here at Esstudio Galleria we make a conscious effort to only use products that are free of all palm oil.