Eyelash extensions are one of God’s greatest inventions. Forget about mascara. Forget about strip lashes. Forget about those pesky little cluster lashes. Eyelash extensions is where it’s at. The system works by isolating a single natural lash and then gluing a longer, thicker synthetic lash on top of it. The synthetic lashes are positioned approximately 1mm away from the eyelid to ensure that neither the lash nor the glue cause any irritation to the eye.

A full set of eyelash extensions will generally last for 4-6 weeks as they will fall out with your natural lash according to your natural lash cycle, however you can start having infills from 2 weeks onwards. A common myth is that the glue from the extensions makes all of your natural eyelashes fall out. This isn’t true at all. Once a full set of lash extensions grows out, your lashes will look shorter and sparser – but this is compared to the extensions which can be up to twice as long and twice as thick as your  lashes were to begin with. But be careful, if you start pulling at the extensions to try to pick them off, you may end up pulling your natural lash out too!

Maintenance is a super important part of having eyelash extensions. We always recommend that you use a disposable mascara wand to brush your lashes every morning when you wake up and after you shower at night. It’s also awesome if you start using an eyelash serum which strengthens and thickens your natural eyelashes, meaning that your extensions will last longer because it will extend the duration of each eyelash cycle. Also, you won’t need to wear mascara with your eyelash extensions, but if you do you should make sure that you use an oil-free mascara and a oil free eye makeup remover to cleanse the eye.

If eyelash extensions are something that you have always wanted to try but have never gotten around to doing, you should have a look at Esstudio’s latest offer – A full set of Eyelash Extensions plus a 2-Week Infill for only $100.

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