Floppy Flat Hair

All the fine hair ladies put your hands up!!


Thats me!! seriously I have like cob webs on my head.. I’ll let you in on a few secrets I have up my sleeve to  show that limp hair of yours a thing or two!

Ok look, yes yes we all want soft shinny hair, but if you have fine hair, soft and shinny actually means floppy, flat non co operative waste of time hair! am i right?! Right!

So here are your options fellow limp ladies…..

Add some texture into your hair with colour.
Adding pieces of colour into fine hair to add texture with a contrasting colour can really lift and give the illusion of more voluptuous hair.
Let me enlighten you with some visual options:




Now lets look at complimenting your contrasting texture highlights with a chop…
short hair for fine hair = thicker fuller hair.
here are come examples:




But if your like me and you like to pretend you can grow hair like rapunzal well get this! We can actually trick people into thinking we do have longer thicker locks with a few simple chopping techniques!
Tell your stylist you neeeeeeed to have slight slices and layering added into your hair with out taking too much length from around the face area then vualla !! You will look like this!




Now styling, forget that myth where you can’t wash your hair too much, flip that myth the bird!! Why you ask ?! Cause its your god dam hair that’s why!
Wash it as much as you like! I wash my hair every day! Why again you ask? Cause its fine and limp!! and i can’t re create what I did the day before because after I have slept on it, its so flat and in-cooperative it makes me want to cry!
So what do i do , I wash it and blast dry it every day to add extra body and volume and that’s how I tell my hair who is boss!

Tips on how to style that super fine hair are as follows:
Blowy dry blow-dry blow-dry- you have to get air and body into the few and far strands  you have so it bounces and builds!
Before blow drying I looooooooooove Mouse!! Especially mouse that gives body and hold but doesn’t make it stiff and sticky- I really love the (Sebastian whipped creme) not only does it work, but it smells amazing and is so pretty when you squeeze it into your hand it actually does look like whipped cream, it really does look good enough to eat!
You can then add a few waves or kinks in your locks with wands, straighteners etc whatever you have to give movement
Then to finish, powder. yes that’s right i said powder! I am so obsessed with this stuff I would line up to buy it like a 12 year old girl lining up for tickets to see one direction! That obsessed!!!
(the rock star powder lightest hold and Alfaparf VintageE for a Stronger hold)

These powders add texture and grit with hold but moveable hold and that look of sex hair (not bed hair but sexy sex hair) with a mix of “my hair is so great I just woke up like this’
Make sure you ask your stylist about the powder!!

Article---Victoria-Beckham_page_image_wide Hairstyles-For-Fine-Hair-31

So there you have it ladies ! Blow that fine hair off your head with these tips and tricks and you will be bouncing and boosting your hair to a better life! Pop into Esstudio for a personal consultation on what you could do with that fine hair of yours.

Sarah x

Bangin’ Brows

First, before I even start… PUT THE TWEEZERS DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE MIRROR! Yeah, I’m talking to you.
The most common problem with brows these days is over plucking!
Lets be honest, we have all done it, plucked those few extra hairs in hope of our brows magically turning out like Kim Kardashians, in reality they turn out like two skinny stick like figurines above each eye :-/

Out and about in Manhattan Downtown NYC, 02/02/06

I can not stress enough how important it is to find your ‘brow expert’ to sculpt, shape and colour your brows to suit you! Seriously once you find her or him, you will want to marry them! No Joke.

FYI, here at esstudio we take the time to perfect your face frame. Which includes, eyelash and eyebrow tint and brow wax to accentuate those peepers! Just ask for our face framing package, you wont regret it! Our in house beauty therapist Jacqui Arnold is the bees-knees of brow sculpting.  http://esstudio.com.au/menu/beauty/

Am I making myself clear here? Your brows are VERY important!

One visit a month is generally what it takes to keep those perfect brows of yours groomed.
A perfect brow will compliment your whole look and frame your face.
A few plucks here and there at home to maintain are acceptable, but lets not get crazy and leave it up to the experts….ok?!

Here are some techniques a professional will take into consideration while working on you, they wont just fling wax around up there.  It is serious business, the expert will take the time to study your brows, your shape, the way the hair grows and then creatively and very delicately they will sculpt your brow to suit your face frame. Then ta-da!!!!! Insert bangin’ brows!

Brows have been an increasingly growing trend, gone are the days where we didn’t really care about our brow shape. As long as they weren’t bushy and fluffy and the mono brow wasn’t starting to form then we were just happy to have a clean smooth area.

Now its all about getting the perfect shape to suit your face and tone.
Fuller and thicker brows are in and here to stay!
So get amongst it! If you haven’t got quite as much hair to fill in those gaps, that are pretty obvious and sticking out from over plucking, don’t fret! There are so many more ways to ‘fill’ the brow line.

Some great tips are to use a brow pencil, or a brow shadow, or have your brows tinted regularly to keep that shape looking full and glam!
These are all easy enough to DIY at home, your personal brow expert will show you how and you will never look back!


Sooooo… what are you waiting for?! Go and get your bangin’ brows!

Sarah x



Now that Summer has arrived, a spray tan is pretty much a necessity to ease you back into lazy days at the beach. I mean, nobody wants to be that pasty girl on the sand, sparkling like a disco ball, right? But with a spray tan comes that niggling doubt of what if – what if I go orange? What if I go patchy? Or streaky? Well below I have written my very own guide to the ultimate spray tan so that you can make the most out of this summer.

First of all, exfoliation is key. A spray tan works by staining the outer layer of your skin cells darker (not as scary as it sounds – trust me). By exfoliating, you are removing the dead skin cells that would have flaked off in a couple of days and leaving behind younger skin cells that will stick around much longer which means a more even and longer lasting tan.

On the day of your spray tan, don’t wear any deodorant, perfume or moisturizer to your appointment. Not only do these products create a barrier between your skin and the tan (and only where you have applied it – hello patchy tan!), but deodorant can also turn your tan green! Not a good look.

Once your tan has been applied, don’t swim, shower or sweat until the development time is over. This can range anywhere from 30 minutes to eight hours, so make sure that you check before you leave your appointment! Make sure that if you have an Express Tan (30mins-4 hours) that you don’t leave it on longer than the recommended development time – it can overdevelop and may go orange. If you have a 6-8 hour tan then this won’t overdevelop and can be left overnight.

Once your tan has developed, jump in the shower and use a sulphate-free shower gel to cleanse your skin as sulphates found in other body wash products can strip your tan. After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rub so that you don’t prematurely fade the tan.

Make sure that you use a body butter every day – morning and night – to keep your skin hydrated as this will prevent dead skin cells flaking off and taking your tan with them!

Avoid chlorinated pools, the beach and hot showers as these can all cause premature fading.

Enjoy your summer!