New York Fashion week.. Beauty

The beauty of New York fashion week.  Well our favorites anyway!!

Nicolas K
Heavy black liner under the eyes.






Blue eyes and nails w/pearls!








Ann Yee

Blue and white nail wraps.  Red lips and low ponies!







Peter Som
Red liner.








Jason Wu
Side parted low ponies and beautiful natural makeup.









Actually there was low ponies everywhere!!
_MIC7408Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.29.29 pm









And some with wet fringes and zagged parts.







There was heaps of inspiration… And some yes strange that I wouldn’t be so inclined to try!!  Stay tune for London!!


I’m excited to try some of the cute nails @ esstudio!

Jax xx

Blush or Bronzer??? What do you use?

Let’s get ready!
First apply some primer then your regular foundation.  Now use a foundation colour to totally match your natural skin colour.. If you want a bit of the sun-kissed look or some colour to your cheeks.  This is where we would use blush or bronzer.
But which do you grab????  Your blush or your bronzer?

Tricky situation, right? You almost feel like you should use one or the other?  Or do you even own both?  Wowzez!! Break them rules!

But guess what! You can actually use both 🙂  But it must be down right.  Who likes that look of a orange face when used too much bronzer???  Not me!

Bad bronzing!









Here’s a super-quick guide to work out the colour your cheeks should be sporting.

If you want to look like you have been to Hawaii.

Go for a little bronzer. The brown pigments will give your skin that I’ve-just-spent-a-week-in-the-Caribbean glow and if you choose one with some shimmer in it, it will give your skin an instant hit of radiance.

Apply your bronzer under your cheekbones, around your jawline, by your hairline and on your nose and chin. Lightly dust some on your neck, chest and décolletage for good measure and to make it all look natural.   Do not over do this step… sometimes bronzer can go terribly wrong!

Good bronzing.





If you want to contour:

Reach for the bronzer or a darker foundation.  Powder or creme, but make sure its free from any shimmer or glitter. The natural hue will help bring out your angles while adding warmth to your face.

Starting at your temples by the top of your ears and draw a three and coming down just under the chin line. Apply the bronzer or creme in the hollows of your cheeks.  Blend blend blend into your foundation so there is no harsh lines.  You can also apply the colour on either side of the bridge of your nose and at your temples. Your skin will look fabulous after this!

The three rule.. (done in blue here.. just so you can see) 🙂 This is where you should contour.

Rule of 3





If you want your skin to look ‘awake’:

Blush time! Pink and peach blushes will help give your skin a wonderfully natural flush that almost looks like you’ve run all the way to work.  (without doing it) hehe

The key to a great blush application is to keep the colour light and not too brightly pigmented, otherwise you’ll lose that natural look.  And it will turn clown like!

If your face is round or oval, apply your blush on your cheekbones up towards your ears as this will help lengthen your face and add definition. For longer faces, apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks and extend the colour horizontally towards your ears.

Great Blushing!





If you want an overall natural finish:

Use both!!  Wowzez… Who would have known. 🙂

Just make sure you don’t go overboard with how much you apply and make sure you blend the colour in properly.

Queen of Contouring










There you go!!  Viola!
And if you are still unsure why not come in for a little makeup course and I can give you a few tips and tricks!

Email for enquires to



Jax xox


The holiday season has officially passed and we’ve all gone back to work – but that doesn’t mean that the party’s over. The sun is still shining and the there’s really no better way to ring in the weekend than Friday night drinks with the girls. We know as well as you do that on a Friday arvo, after a long week slaving away at work, the last thing that you really want to be doing is applying a whole new face of make-up. However, that’s still no excuse to head out looking like a Hobo Jo – there are so many ways to build on your office-appropriate makeup for a more polished, dramatic result.

Day makeup

If you start your day with a more natural look – just a swipe of eyeliner and a smudge of shadow – then adding a bright lip is a perfect way to make that transition from day to night with really not that much effort at all. Start by dusting some loose translucent powder across your face to matte out any shine and oil from the day before applying your lipstick. For the ultimate creamy application, use a lip brush to mix the lipstick on the back of your hand before painting it on to your lips. Blot with a tissue and then apply a lip sealant to make sure that the colour lasts all night long!

day night 2

If a red lip is already your signature look and you feel like adding a little bit more drama for the night ahead then try building on your eye makeup to create a smoky eye. Start by powdering your whole face with some translucent powder, paying extra attention to your eye socket so that you can avoid creasing throughout the night. When you’re working on a smoky eye it’s always easiest to start with the lightest colour first and gradually introduce darker colours, blending as you go. To finish the look, apply a kohl liner around the lash line and water line of you eye before smudging it to achieve the perfect smoky effect. Reapply a quick swipe of mascara and you’re golden!

Jax @ esstudio