Our regulars are probably thinking we know Jax? But did you know what she brings to Esstudio Galleria making it the ultimate salon?

Jax, is Esstudio Galleria amazingly talented makeup artists and beauty therapist, with more than 20 years of experience her skills have been seen on commercial advertising, to fashion, and film, and now  our beautiful Esstudio clients can see her amazing skills! Jax says “I use makeup as a form of art, to make others feel happy and beautiful!”

Jax does it all from facials, to lashes, to makeup, and nails –  come in for a quickie facial or our most popular deluxe facial, which involves using essential oils putting you into relaxation heaven while also incorporating an eyelash and eyebrow tint. Or perhaps you are noticing some scarring or pigmentation in your skin try out the GLyc microderm facial or Anti aging retinol recommended to people over the age of 30 which refines the skin’s texture, reduces fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, scarring, and also boost collagen production making you feel 28 again!

Or perhaps  you have a big event coming up? Why not have your makeup done by Jax while one of our hair stylist style your hair. Jax can even give you a mani or a lash lift and tint, while you wait for your hair colour to set! Jax loves producing natural looks that allow your natural beauty to shine, even with her process of lash extensions that will leave you looking naturally gorgeous or perhaps you want them to be more outgoing for party season!

Next time you book in to get your hair done, organise to have a beauty treatment with Jax to save time! Check out the full beauty menu here.

Tips on Age cheating!













Want to learn how to cheat your age like Gwen?  Can you believe she is 42!  Amazeballs!

From your hands to your lashes and brows there are a multitude of small areas that will give away your age!

When cheating on your age, it’s important to pay attention to the small details.
We tend to forget about our hands when going in the sun or just out and about.  If you drive its usually this side that is worse!  The sun is the devil when it comes to aging.  Surely if I had know back in my school days I would have worn my gloves and hat when my school teachers bellowed at me to do so!

old handsSadly, the way to draw attention to your less-than-youthful-looking hands is to have a remarkably fresh face. The contrast immediately draws attention.   Your hands can tell your age more than your face these days! Check out Madge and Sarah.. YIKES!

Thankfully, it is reasonably easy to rejuvenate them. Age spots can be zapped away by Jax and her IPL machine. You will only need a couple of these to make your hands look 10 years younger!  IPL will not only remove the pigmentation it will also stimulate collagen and elastin and make your skin super soft!










Once you have the back of your hands looking younger, you may want to show off your fingers – not so easy when your nails are also showing the effects of ageing, including dryness and uneven surfaces like ridges and splits.










Have a Deluxe mani that will exfoliate and moisturize your hands as well as your nails.  This will also fix the ridges by buffing them out and making your nails super smooth!  Clipping all the dry cuticles off will work wonders!










Makeup – the trick is to appear as natural as possible and not too heavy on your eyes as this will highlight those wrinkles!  One of the latest craze is semi-permanent eyelash extensions. They will last providing you care for them properly, which includes brushing them and not using oil-based anything on your eyelids, you’ll still look great without any other eye make-up at all.  Its recommended to have regular 2 week infills to keep them looking perfect.  Check out our previous post on lashes!









Eyebrows – Sadly the hair does get less as we age!  One of my elderly clients quotes “the hair from my brows fell to my chin” haha. These days there are heaps of products out there that will help with this.  You can purchase products that actually can help your brows and lashes grow!  Then there is makeup to help.  Draw your brows in with a similar colour pencil while brushing with  a clean mascara brush at the same time.   This will help smooth out hard lines from the pencil.  You can also fill in with shadows.

So here are a few tips to help with aging… There are many many more too!  Why not come in for a facial and I can give you some tips!

Jax xox




Eyelash extensions are one of God’s greatest inventions. Forget about mascara. Forget about strip lashes. Forget about those pesky little cluster lashes. Eyelash extensions is where it’s at. The system works by isolating a single natural lash and then gluing a longer, thicker synthetic lash on top of it. The synthetic lashes are positioned approximately 1mm away from the eyelid to ensure that neither the lash nor the glue cause any irritation to the eye.

A full set of eyelash extensions will generally last for 4-6 weeks as they will fall out with your natural lash according to your natural lash cycle, however you can start having infills from 2 weeks onwards. A common myth is that the glue from the extensions makes all of your natural eyelashes fall out. This isn’t true at all. Once a full set of lash extensions grows out, your lashes will look shorter and sparser – but this is compared to the extensions which can be up to twice as long and twice as thick as your  lashes were to begin with. But be careful, if you start pulling at the extensions to try to pick them off, you may end up pulling your natural lash out too!

Maintenance is a super important part of having eyelash extensions. We always recommend that you use a disposable mascara wand to brush your lashes every morning when you wake up and after you shower at night. It’s also awesome if you start using an eyelash serum which strengthens and thickens your natural eyelashes, meaning that your extensions will last longer because it will extend the duration of each eyelash cycle. Also, you won’t need to wear mascara with your eyelash extensions, but if you do you should make sure that you use an oil-free mascara and a oil free eye makeup remover to cleanse the eye.

If eyelash extensions are something that you have always wanted to try but have never gotten around to doing, you should have a look at Esstudio’s latest offer – A full set of Eyelash Extensions plus a 2-Week Infill for only $100.