The decision between getting  lash extensions and a lash lift is difficult! That’s why we have come to rescue to help you in making the best decision to suit your lifestyle.


A lash lift is a service where 3 creams, and silicone shield are applied to your lashes, allowing a semi permanent curl to your lashes, with 3 options of curliness to choose from! The process takes up to 45 min, and last for up to 8 weeks, we also highly recommend getting our lash tint during the process, painting your lashes black to having your lashes allowing you to not worry about applying mascara.


  • Low maintenance
  • Natural look
  • You are still able to apply mascara


  • If you want a glamour look its not for you – try out extensions instead!
  • Won’t give you a voluminous look unless you already have a lot of lashes


The process of lash extensions takes over an hour, where lashes are added to your natural lashes to create thicker and longer lashes. The lashes can be customised to the look you are after, whether this is thickness, length, dramatic or a natural look . Here at Esstudio we love to create a natural look for our clients, that will still also stand out and create definition .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


  • Throw away your mascara you wont need it no more
  • Allows for a dramatic look and will have your makeup standing out, or still looking amazing with none on
  • Time saver: eliminating the time spent on doing your makeup


  • High maintenance
  • Need to have infills every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fabulous
  • Home maintenance you will need to brush your lashes everyday and be careful of what you use on your lashes.
The eyelash on the right, is a lot fuller as you can see we have  added the extension lashes on top.


Book in with Jax here at Esstudio for fabulous lashes!!