The question “ will this suit me? ” does not just revolve around the colour suiting your skin, but it can also revolve around suiting your lifestyle, and even finances. When deciding on a hair colour you want a great way to decide whether or not it will suit you is by looking at your veins.  Your veins or skin are usually either blue which means that you suit cooler toned colours, or you have green veins which means you suit warmer tones. Whether or not a colour will suit you also revolves around your lifestyle, do you have time to maintain bright pink hair, allowing time for regular salon appointments if you don’t want it to grow out, and spend the money on quality products that will look after your hair and keep it from becoming damaged.  



Toner is the icing on the cake, leaving your hair looking delicious. Essentially a toner is the colour applied to your hair, the second chapter of the colouring process, it alters the undertone and removes any brassy or unwanted colours in your hair, leaving it to look fabulous.     




It is very hard to find the same quality products at the supermarket. Hair Salons hold brands and products they trust and believe in, working with these products they see positive results and know they are high quality. It is often that the brands and products which are used and sold at hair salons are only sold at salons. This is due to those brands being dedicated to helping and showing support to hair salons, it gives salons constant customers coming in for products,  and may also come in for a service while they are in, and therefore helping salons make money.



The use of purple shampoo is up to the individual, it is used for blondes to remove any yellow undertones, here at Esstudio we recommend using it once a week if you notice that you have tones that you want to avoid seeing in your hair. If you find that you don’t notice or have these brassy tones you can use purple shampoo every second week or once a month… ideally it’s up to the individual on how they feel with the colour and look of their hair. 




Static cray cray hair!

Ok so my hair is looking pretty cray cray right now.

I’ve spend ages blowdrying my hair and as soon as I step outside and get a droplet of water on it, it goes completely frizzy!!!  So a beanie goes a long way… Not only keeps my head warm but hides frizzy hair..  But then I have static hair..  You know those bits of hair that just tend to stand upright..and just look wild! 🙂













Dry, cold air often leads to statically electric hair. Whether it’s from brushing your hair after you blow-dry (don’t do it!) or your Winter hat, there are ways to fight this less-than-flattering hair dilemma, and they (almost) all have to do with hydrating to your hair.

Here are a few simple tips for eliminating static.

Hair treatments: Dry hair and dry Winter air are the perfect combination to create statically charged strands, so the added moisture will help stop the electric charge.
Add a mask to your hair routine.  If you have time leave it in for about 15 – 20 minutes.
This will add that moisture back to your hair that the cold dry winter has taken out.  Not only does your skin dry out in winter.. so does your hair!










Shampoo: Don’t do it so often. There are lot’s of reasons why not to shampoo your hair so often but skipping a shampoo can help prevent your hair from getting dried out, which leads to static and a lackluster mane — talk about a double whammy.

Leave in treatment or shine oil: Another way to add some moisture is to use a leave in treatment.  My absolute favorite is Sebastian Potion9.  This product is amazeballs. Its not cheap but its so worth it.  Not only does it act as a leave in treatment is has a slight hold to it and makes it really easy to style with.  Once you have dried your hair use a shine oil to smooth it out.











Don’t Brush!: The friction from your brush will lead to charged particles that cause static electricity.  In fact I never brush my hair…It just turns into a frizz ball.  However best brush to use is the Angel brush, especially made for antic static and de-tangling hair.










Keratin: Now this is the B all and end all of all treatments!  Its a de-frizzing treatment not straightening.  Keratin naturally occurs in your hair.. So you are just putting back in that is naturally there!  Read here to find out more about the Brazilian keratin we do at Esstudio.


Hope this helps chicks.

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Jax xox