What shape are you?

Going to your average nail bar you don’t really get a choice in nail shapes, usually you go to a nail salon and just get asked what shape do you want round or square? And maybe they talk to you or maybe they don’t!

Sometimes these shapes don’t suit your nails or hands and your never really that happy with what you’re getting done but sometimes it’s just convenient.

Here are some shapes you may or may not have tried.









A few months ago I went into a nail bar on my day off, ( I use to get my acrylic’s done every 2 weeks) and I asked the lady who was doing my nails can she do a particular shape and she huffed about it cos it takes longer to do. LOL!
While I was getting my nails done she was really rough and I felt so uncomfortable. I’ve been working in the hair industry for nearly 10 years now and that’s just unheard of treating a client like that… I guess you get what you pay for!
Heres a hilarious video check it out!

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Some common shaped nails are

Square rounded nails (scround)










Oval nails










Mountain peak nails (claws!)







Rounded nails








Almond nails










Square nails











Kim xx


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