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Recycling is becoming more and more important everyday, getting rid of toxic waste and reusing raw materials allows us to preserve the environment. Esstudio continues to work on ways to improve how we recycle and continue to find new ways we can help as a salon. Where Esstudio has begun recycling is through recycled furniture, foils, and working with Sustainable Salons.


Almost all the studio’s furniture is recycled from vintage and antique stores, Esstudio’s most unique piece is the famous chandelier in the centre of the salon, known as the heartbeat of the salon, Aleks found it at an antique shop in South America and believes it was the inspiration for the studio. Jax and Aleks used recycled furniture in the studio to not only build character, but by purchasing recycled furniture you are helping to preserve the rainforest where they take materials from to build new furniture. 

When working in a salon you realise the amount of waste and money that goes into using aluminum foil in every individuals hair. Which is why Esstudio looked into reusable paper foils, these foils aren’t just any foils, Paper foils are 100% reusable made from mineral paper created from recycled industrial waste, and can be used again and again as they are rinsed, dried, and ready to go.

Sustainable Hair Salons is an organisation who rescues up to 95% of toxic resources within Salons, these resources include chemicals, hair, metals, paper, plastic, razors, tool. The company created separate bins which the salons use to separate these resources to then be collected on a fortnightly basis by Sustainable Salons, who find ways to use these for bettering the environment.

Some of the ways the recycling is transformed is plastic being recycled into outdoor furniture, or chemical which are normally tipped down the drain are collected and sent to recycling plants to then be transformed into recycled water. Director Aleks says“ At a salon almost everything goes to waste, even hair… if all it takes is for us to use different bins for what we are already throwing out, why not help where we can!”

Another huge part of their organisation is individuals  donating their hair to make wigs for those suffering from alopecia areata or cancer, taking 20cm ponytails contributes to making wigs for these brave people. Here at Esstudio we have a lot of individuals come in for the chop and love to  encourage people to donate their ponytails when coming in for a haircut as it goes to such a great cause!

A few weeks ago Luke came in and had this hair cut off to be donated, and the process was awesome!

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